Dear Kurotumblr,

I've been following Kuroshitsuji Confessions since it's beginnings, and let me tell you that this isn't the first, or the second time I've thought about taking it down, it's just the first and second time I decided to take action. It certainly wasn't my place, but I did it with justifiable reason, and whether or not you agree, I frankly don't give a shit.

Kuroshitsuji Confessions has over 3000 followers. Think back to when you first started following the blog. You followed it because you wanted to read other fans' opinions about the Kuroshitsuji manga and anime. You wanted to relate to people, and contribute. But let's be honest, how many times have you been offended or upset by a Kuroshitsuji Confession? And how many times have you ended up writing another confession or an angry rant to rebuke the one that pissed you off? How many times have these 'confessions' seemed more like ad hominem attacks and debates? This clash of opinions causes conflict, and as much as human beings love watching conflict unfold, this is not what an already hostile fandom needs- And yes, this fandom is significantly more hostile than others. Countless times I saw confessions where people specifically rebuked another confession that insulted their favorite character. Countless times I saw people confessing their jealousy, or their lack of confidence, because a select few roleplayers were continuously idolized, while the rest were left to feel like shit in comparison. Countless times I saw people writing rude remarks about cosplayers, or romantic relationships between people in the fandom, and discouraging others from doing what they love because an anonymous idiot was criticizing it. Kuroshitsuji Confessions might have been fun for the Kurotumblr celebrities, but the amount of people that were being hurt by it was unacceptable. And while I realize that many of you only ever submitted humble, warmhearted opinions and stories, that cannot outweigh the damage that's been done by this blog. Just before I erased this blog, I looked through it's inbox and found these in the most recently submitted confessions.

Well, if it was up to the people that were running this, they certainly wouldn't have posted any confession directed at the blog, though I can't speak in their place. Speaking from experience, the admins only post confessions directed at the blog itself to fight back, though the arguments wouldn't be of much merit in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure the ones who created this blog never intended to hurt people with it, but even when people did get hurt by it, they refused to acknowledge that their anonymous confession blog was the problem. The issue with this blog is that all submissions and confessions remain anonymous, and they function the same way as anonymous asks. They open up the door to drama and hate, and that's undoubtedly what happened here, what is happening here, and what would inevitably continue to happen had I not ruined everyone's daily-dose-of-drama blog. Let me make it perfectly clear, that no matter how many times this blog is remade, I will continue to tear it down, because your little blog is only fun at the expense of countless other fans.

And if you think something like this little 'roleplayer appreciation weekend' was an act of redemption, think again. There are over 300 roleplayers in the Kurotumblr community, and I know this for a fact. But how many of them got little love letters last week? Less than 100 of them. And I can guarantee you that all of those roleplayers were following this blog, and thinking to themselves, "Wow, I must really suck. Look, this girl got over 10 confessions, and I got 0. Maybe I should just delete my account." NO. This entire blog is bullshit, and I don't want anyone else being hurt by it. This fandom obviously can't handle anonymity because it always results in negativity, betrayal, and hurt feelings. We have enough of that on Kurotumblr, we don't need another way to broadcast it to an audience of 3000 followers. You're always saying you wish Kurotumblr would go back to the way it was, but fighting for a blog like this isn't helping!

For those of you who thought you were benefiting from all the publicity Kuroshitsuji Confessions gave you, you're wrong. You were opening your ask boxes to hate, jealousy, and contempt, because you were constantly the topic of interest on such a huge blog. Instead of caring about if everyone likes you, why don't you just care about your friends? You don't need that much attention, and you'll survive without it.

To the owners- Thank you for your efforts in bringing the fandom together through your confessions blog. But unfortunately it seems this fandom is not capable of handling a confession blog like other fandoms. So while your work is appreciated, you should know that it is not beneficial to the community, through no fault of your own. However, you did make an unforgettable contribution, so thank you.

I realize that most people will people will treat me like some kind of internet terrorist for hijacking such a popular blog. But as I stated before, I don't give a flying shit. I did what I thought was right, and whether or not they speak up, I know a lot of people will be thankful. However, I'm sure the only people who will speak up, are the ones who object to my course of action. Well fuck you. Take your elitist 'holier than thou' opinions, turn them into a text post, and tag them with 'kuroshitsuji'. That'll get you the attention you're starved for. But you won't be writing that shit here anymore.